Saturday, 16 February 2013


In the recent months I've come out to family and friends - as an atheist.  And I've been having quite a few debates about the subject.

The funny thing is that the more people try to show me "the light", the more I see the light! Here is a passage that I've recently come across on a Facebook page (and that I previously read in the bible):

And here is what I make out of it:
Lot was a righteous man, so he offered his daughters to get raped instead of the men who he is hosting generously (maybe just to avoid the "wicked" act of homosexuality?)
Not to mention our loving god's way of dealing with this was - just destroy the whole city.

And of course you may have - or know someone who has - a great poetic explanation that twists this into being "god's amazing way of telling us things", possibly in a symbolic fashion, or maybe just say that it was different times (obviously it was okay to offer your children to be raped 5000 years ago...), or a combination of both...

But it's just like Einstein puts it: "These subtilised interpretations are highly manifold according to their nature and have almost nothing to do with the original text" (from wikipedia)

This text like many others in the bible, is immoral today, was immoral 5000 years ago, and will remain immoral in the future.
Even if a god exists, saying that he has anything to do with this text would be an insult to him, regardless of any interpretations that may be out there.

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